Meet the Photographers

Meet the Photographers

The creative and inspirational team

John Finley

Photographer, Videographer, Digital Artist, Technologist

Photography has always been a creative outlet. It has been the fun place I go when I want a change, when I want to create, or when I want to turn my imagination into something others can see. I've had the great opportunity to be able to maintain this passion for over 15 years now. It is truly amazing what you can do with a lens, some creative lighting, and a bit of imagination. The simple magic you can make with images and people, and the great smiles you can generate with a picture. My father got me started. He is a noteworthy wildlife photographer himself (JohnFinleyPhotographer.com) and hooked me on photography. We travel and shoot wildlife frequently including bears, tigers, wolves, foxes, moose and mountain lions. I had the wonderful opportunity to stand 20 feet from a towering moose, pet a giant wolf on the head, and feel a mountain lion purr (more like rumble) up close. We have ventured to Newfoundland to hang precariously off the side of a small boat photographing whales no more than 25 feet away. Through these adventures I practiced with wildlife, people, landscape, and various still life images. You'll almost always find me either preparing for my next 'creative' session or searching for my next model.

Dan Banfe

Photographer, Pin-up Specialist