Review: Monti-Rago Funeral Home a Philadelphia Funeral Home

I’ve been to a host of funerals unfortunately and have visited a lot of funeral homes, funeral services, cemeteries and gravesites. With a large friend and family base there appears to be no shortage of events we must attend. I’ve seen a large quantity of funeral events, homes and operations. After visiting a wide variety of Philadelphia Funeral Homes and New Jersey Funeral Homes, I can honestly say the Monti-Rago Funeral Home has by far the most class and best run operation I’ve experienced.

I’ve been to two separate funeral service at Monti Rago’s in Philadelphia. First off, the funeral home is spotless, the decor is contemporary and it is polished. As a photographer and designer, I’m extremely detail oriented and I will tell you the Monti Rago funeral home is impressive. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s big! I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been where everyone was jammed into low-ceiling small rooms for the viewing and funeral services. Not here, everything is spacious and the family and guests are given every consideration to make them comfortable. It is well lit, easy in-and-out routes, no confusion, TVs with sound through the building so guests can view photo slide shows or movies the families have prepared. They have various visitation rooms, a lounge area, parlors, arrangement room and very clean restrooms. They are handicapped accessible restrooms and an elevator if needed to accommodate visitors. Their 9,000-square foot facility accommodates any type of setting required from small intimate gatherings to large visitation events.

They assistants providing guidance to every guest making it easy. And the deceased looked amazing both times we visited. The makeup and clothes were really done well. This is a hard task, so whoever is doing the work is a true artist.

They offer an Online Condolences service, which is nice. This gives people a way to sign an online guestbook to express condolences or memories. Visitors to the online condolences service can also place memorial donations and send floral tributes. I haven’t visited all the websites of funeral homes in Philadelphia, but this seems to be a nice addition to their services.

Monti-Rago funeral home offers a wide variety of caskets, urns and vaults in the selection rooms. Again, it’s done very well. You can visit their website and see photographs of all their funeral facilities and the funeral services they offer. Also on the funeral home’s website is a host of articles, how-to and content surround the who, what and how of the arrangement and services. They offer grief counseling and bereavement services for the families they server. Monti Rago even provides a children’s corner with content on how to explain death to a child, caring for a surviving child and how to help a child deal with loss. Great material and extremely helpful for families who have children involved.

Let’s move to the external activities outside of the Philadelphia funeral home. The staff at Monti-Rago funeral home know their business. The staff is extremely courteous, gentle and very caring throughout the funeral process. Everything is well choreographed and everyone knows what to do and when. And if you don’t know what to do, the Monti-Rago funeral home staff provide suggestions and directions as needed.

The staff follow you through each step of the service making everything go smoothly and seamlessly. They make what would appear to be a very complicated routine, effortless for the family and the guests. They provide a one-stop-shop for all your funeral and funeral related services.

Everything from catered food, the funeral home limousines, the funeral procession, church, cemetery and grave site, etc., is handled extremely smoothly and without concern. They know every aspect of this business and how to make it a perfect event. The family is guided gently through each step in the process gracefully and with care.

Monti Rago Funeral Home is located at 2531-35 South Broad Street in Philadelphia PA. It’s in a very convenient location and easily accessible from Route 95 and Center City Philadelphia.

Again, we went there twice over the course of three years and it was impressive both times. Monti-Rago Funeral Home is to the funeral home business what the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons is to the hotel industry. Exemplary.


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