A little old man and an Outlet

So I’m in the Philadelphia Airport headed on a business trip. As I approach the gate, I’m wandering around the pool of blue seats spying for a power outlet so I can sit down and plug-in my laptop. I eventually find an outlet behind the row of seats along the window looking out over the tarmac. Just a few seats down from me is an older airline employee watching my progress. He kindly informs me with a smile on his face that the outlet probably doesn’t work. I give it a try myself, but to no avail, the little green light doesn’t appear on my laptop charger.

He informs me that he knows of a working plug just across the hall next to the trashcan. He points in the general direction and I spot the trashcan in the distance. As I pack up my belongings to head for the power source, he stands up and says “I’ll show you, I like helping people.” He follows me over to the location and points to the exact functioning outlet. I thank him graciously, sit down, and begin my ritual of unpacking my laptop and charger.

The old man continues to stand and watch my progress, and then leans over a bit and says “Yea, I like to help people.

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